There isn’t a man or woman alive who hasn’t heard of Weight Watchers, and there’s a reason for that: IT ACTUALLY WORKS. Endorsed by Oprah and Jessica Simpson,  Weight Watchers is one of the best dieting plans around for busy adults. With personalized coaching, online meetings, and delicious food plans, dieting is easy with this incredible program.

Weight Watchers provides exercise guidance, online or in person counseling, and thousands of recipes to try so you never get bored. A partnership with Applebee’s helps users eat out without worrying about counting points or overeating. Plus, it has been ranked #1 in the country for the Best Commercial Diet.

Lose weight and eat great with the amazing food plan from Weight Watchers. Using the Smart Points system, each user is given a daily allowance of points based on current weight and weight loss goals. Deduct from your points balance each time you eat, and make sure you don’t go negative! You can even eat poached eggs for breakfast. Weight Watchers doesn’t limit what kind of food you can and cannot eat, and there are no foods that are off limits! The recipes are so great that you could easily make one of them for dinner. Trust me, your kids eat it and love it.

Weight Watchers makes exercising seem a little less scary. Set up your profile, and Weight Watchers will suggest activities for you. You can sync up your Fitbit (or other fitness tracker) to your Weight Watchers account. You earn FitPoints as you exercise, and these points can be traded in for Smart Points (meaning you can eat more when you exercise!) You can earn FitPoints any activity, even bowling. Use the mobile app to record your FitPoints!

There are several plans available, some as low as $4.61 a week! Choose the plan that works for you and combine online meetings or online coaching with your Weight Watchers plan. If you are having trouble getting motivated or staying on track, use the expert chat line. Get 24/7 support from coaches who have been exactly where you are.

Weight Watchers

The folks at Weight Watchers are so confident with their program that if you lose 10 pounds in one month, your subscription will be paid for! Weight Watchers is the veteran of all weight loss programs,and has been proven to work since it first emerged on the market in 1963. Take the leap towards a better, healthier you with this absolutely incredible weight loss program.

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