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1. CrossFit. This popular exercise training program is intended to be all-encompassing and promote overall fitness. One workout consists of several different types of exercise including cardio, strength, flexibility, balance. CrossFit is a high-intensity exercise program. If you really get into it, you can compete at the CrossFit Games!

2. Hot Yoga. Turn up the heat on your regular yoga routine by attending a “hot yoga” exercise program. The room is set to be hot and humid to help increase your flexibility in poses, sweat toxins in your body and promote weight loss.

3. P90X. Similar to CrossFit, this is a high-intensity workout that uses a variety of exercise techniques including weight training, body weight resistance exercises, martial arts, and power yoga. The program also includes nutrition aspects. Training lasts 90 days from start to finish.

4. Spinning. With the increase in its popularity this program is now being offered at many fitness centers. Spinning is also known as “indoor cycling” and is done on a stationary bicycle. Workouts are meant to simulate actual terrain you might encounter in the outdoors, like hills. High- and low-intensity intervals are also a part of the workout.

5. Zumba. This workout feels a lot more like a dance party than aerobics. Easy-to-learn dance sequences are set to Latin music and are designed to increase strength and flexibility, as well as provide a great cardio workout. Dancing is becoming popular exercise program in general—pole dancing is another example of one that has become popular lately.

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