P90X Why We Love It

P90X: Why We Love It

Always looking for a new workout, we decided to give P90x a try. Standing for the Power 90 Extreme workout, P90x definitely lives up to it’s name. Produced by Tony Horton, P90X is a member of the renowned Beachbody fitness family. P90X was so popular that it inspired many videos of the same magnitude, becoming a… Read more »

Does the 21 Day Fix Really Work

Does the 21 Day Fix Really Work?

Meal supplement shakes have been all of the rage for years. Having tried previous shakes with hardly any results, we decided to give Shakeology a try. We were immediately impressed with the variety of flavors from Shakeology. Other meal replacement shake diets get boring due to the lack of yummy flavors. This was definitely not… Read more »

10 Must Run Races

10 Must-Run Races

Training for a race is perhaps the best motivation around for nailing your run tomorrow morning. If you find yourself “hitting the wall” or “plateauing” while running, it may be time to get motivated and sign up for one of these incredible races. These races aren’t just for elite marathoners, there is something on here for… Read more »

8 Yoga Poses to Prevent Common Injuries

8 Yoga Poses that Help Prevent Common Injuries

Any athlete will tell you that injuries are devastating, both to the physical body, and to the mental health. Overuse injuries onset quickly, and can take months to fully heal. Sometimes longer than that. If you find yourself prone to injuries, it may be a good time to consider adding yoga into your training regime.

10 Things to Eat Post Workout

10 Things to Eat Post Workout

I don’t know about you, but it is so easy to feel completely ravenous after a hard workout! It is tempting to eat everything in sight. Avoid post workout binge and completely turning your workout counterproductive with these 10 things sure to satisfy any craving.

8 Foods Perfect for Before a Workout

8 Foods Perfect for Before a Workout

Pre workout nutrition is one of the most important challenges every athlete faces. Not eating enough calories before working out can leave you tired, light headed, and overall exhausted. Eating too many calories prior hinders weight loss and can make you sluggish. Running on a full stomach is no one’s idea of fun! The outcome… Read more »


12 Hacks Guaruanteed to Make You Fall in Love With Running

You probably want to laugh at the people who actually enjoy lacing up their running shoes every morning. You admire them, sure, but part of you thinks they are certifiably insane for even wanting to run. As utterly impossible as it sounds, there are ways to fall in love with pounding the pavement. Here are… Read more »


Run Faster with these 6 Yoga Poses

It is no secret that yoga can help with flexibility, stress relief, muscle tone, and overall health. Yoga has been practiced for approximately 5,000 years and there are several different yoga forms to practice, with the most popular being Vinyasa. If you suffer from chronic injuries while running, tight muscles, or easy exhaustion, you may want… Read more »


12 Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

You’ve likely overheard your friends talking about how much they love their yoga class, and they are full of claims about yoga improving their overall health. However, sometimes hearing things like, “yoga helps the flow of prana” doesn’t really mean much to newbies. Don’t let the fancy jargon of yoga (and trust us, yoga is sometimes hard to understand!)… Read more »


15 Must Know Tips for Your First Marathon

You’ve been training for months, waking at the crack of dawn to log those miles before heading to work. You’ve dealt with blisters, dehydration issues, disgusting energy gel that may or may not be the cause of your stomach distress, and the decoding what eating plan works for you. Race day is quickly approaching, and… Read more »

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    10 Songs to Add to Your Workout Playlist

    Music has been shown to improve workouts. Whether you run or lift weights, music can help! Here are some great songs that you should add to your playlist today.

  • food

    10 Healthy and Easy Lunches

    If you’re anything like me, lunch is the hardest part of the day. You’re going, going, going and then you have to stop to eat lunch. Here are ten quick, easy and healthy lunch ideas for your crazy schedule.

  • quinoa

    8 Fabulous Ways to Eat Quinoa

    Quinoa is a “super grain” on the market today. It’s packed with protein and it’s gluten free. Most people cook it up as a rice substitute but did you know that there are a plethora of ways to incorporate this little grain into your diet? Take a look at these quirky quinoa uses!

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    7 Warm Meals For Cold Nights

    Winter can be a hum-drum, wet and cold experience. These dinners are easy and will help you relax after a cold day.

  • kale

    5 Creative Uses for Kale

    Move over Acai, there’s a new superfood on the market! Although Kale has actually been popular for a few years now, it can be hard to find delicious ways to get this iron rich food into your diet. Take a look at some of these great ways to use Kale!

  • happy

    7 Activities to Lift Your Spirits

    When you’re feeling down, it’s easy to feel stuck and unable to break past the blues. Here are some tips to help you get out of a rut!

  • smoothie

    6 Smoothie Combos to Add to Your List

    You can never have enough green smoothie combinations. It’s a great way to get your daily dose of fiber, iron and vitamin D. All it takes is a handful of leafy greens, a pinch of your favorite fruit and a dash of liquid to blend it all together. Here are some great green smoothie mixes… Read more »

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    6 Low Carb Meals That Aren’t Salads

    Carbs are good for us. Our bodies burn them for energy and they are delicious. However, too many carbs is just not good for us. So, here are some low carb meals that you’ll love.

  • fit

    5 Simple Ways to Stay Fit

    Staying fit can be an overwhelming and daunting task. There are some tricks to keeping fit without stressing about your health.

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    5 Guiltless Healthy Desserts

    Dessert can be the downfall to any diet, so don’t let them be. Here are a few healthier options for when you’re sweet tooth is calling.