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First of All- Why Should I Start a Fitness Blog?

  1. Most people that have made lifestyle changes were once inspired by someone just like you.  If you don’t share your story, how can you influence and share your love of fitness, healthy eating, active lifestyle and overall health with others?  How can you possibly make a difference if you don’t share what you have learned?

2. A little help paying the bills- You have spent hours and hours and plenty of $$ on your active lifestyle, you should let it pay you back!  Blogging is a great hobby and a fun way to express yourself and share what you have learned.  It is also a great way to earn an income.  Many fitness bloggers started their blog as a hobby, and are making a full-time, 6 figure income from simply sharing their experiences with others online.

3. It is super easy and takes about 15 minutes to get started.  No previous website knowledge is necessary.  You can learn everything you need to know from the info below, and from researching any terms you aren’t familiar with.  Don’t be scared to start a new adventure.  Read on!

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Written by 2Fit Magazine

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