Drink more water. Sometimes when we can’t seem to satisfy the “munchies,” we might be thirsty and just not know it. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and prevent unceasing cravings.

Think about the consequences. Junk food tastes good in the moment, but how do you usually feel after a one-sitting session with a bag of Doritos? Junky. Let the desire to feel happier and healthier motivate you to eat healthy foods rather than junk.

Don’t ban treats completely. This may sound surprising, but have you ever noticed that when you are forbidden to think about something, it suddenly consumes your thoughts? Food can be the same way. When you “forbid” yourself to eat certain foods, you may begin to obsess over them and then overeat them when you get the chance. Allow yourself a treat once in a while—just don’t make treats your main food group.

Written by 2Fit Magazine

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