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Did you know you can improve your fitness even when you’re not “working out”? Check out these suggestions and see what other ways you can come up with!

1. Take the stairs. If it’s less than 5 flights, hike it instead of using the elevator! Honestly, it will probably be faster, and doesn’t require standing uncomfortably close to strangers. Work on those thighs, get some cardio, and achieve that “healthy glow” when you get to the top!

2. Stretch while you sit. Anytime you are sitting to read a book, watch your favorite TV show, or work on your laptop, sit in a straddle or another sitting stretch and increase your flexibility while you’re at it. Being distracted by something will probably even help with the discomfort!

3. Ride your bike to work. If you’re within reasonable distance, don a helmet and bike to work! Great for you, great for the environment, and it sure beats sitting in traffic!

4. Participate in active recreation. Next time you have free time to yourself, with your kids, or with your honey, do something active rather than idle. Go for a walk, go swimming, play tennis, go for a hike out in the beautiful outdoors, etc. Have fun AND be getting exercise at the same time!

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