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1. Fueling

Adequate fueling can make all of the difference come race day. Most races provide energy gels at designated aid stations throughout the course, and the spacing information can be found on the race website. Stick to your predetermined fueling plan, using gels that work for your stomach and your caloric needs. Don’t get excited over the free gels provided at the race, trust me, you and your stomach will thank me.

15 Must Know TIps for Your First Marathon

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2. Warm Up Gear

Races start anywhere between 6 and 8 in the morning, and depending on the type of year, it can be quite chilly at the start. Remember that you are dressing to run, not dressing to be warm. Bring a hoodie and some sweats you can live without, and shed them as you warm up. Most races will donate any discarded clothes.

3. No New Shoes

Don’t even think about wearing those new Asics you bought a few days ago. Really, just don’t even let the thought cross your mind. You have 26 miles of hard running ahead of you, and it is best to use the shoes you have broken in and become accustomed to.

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